Coaching With The Cards™

One of the first tools I worked with were tarot cards. I began using them as a divination method, seeing what the cards could tell me about my future. As I was unhappy with my life, I wanted to know if things would improve. But what I realized was that despite getting that “glimpse into my future”, I still felt as if I had no control. I was sitting around waiting for life to improve, but nothing seemed to change.

As I continued to study and learn, I realized that there was a better way of using the cards. The cards could be used to help understand what was happening in your life, and give insight into what steps you could take to make changes. This resulted in what I call Empowered Card Readings.

However, I knew that a reading wasn’t enough for most people who were trying to move through the feeling of depression. They would require more of a coaching approach, helping them to hold themselves accountable for the choices they made.