Soul’s Direction: Living Life on Purpose


At Soul’s Direction, we empower those living with depression, anxiety, or just feeling as if life has no meaning, to find hope and thrive, by connecting with their soul.


Welcome! I’m Shelley Kitching, the creator of soul’s direction, and Coaching with the cards™.

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My journey with depression began three decades ago. I can’t ever remember being truly happy. I was in my late 20’s or early 30’s when I realized if I could live my entire life over I would change absolutely everything about it. That was when it hit me just how depressed I was.

I spent many years working with doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, and counsellors. I did individual therapy and group therapy, I did cognitive behavioural therapy. I tried most of the medication prescribed for depression. I participated in process groups.

Throughout all of this work, I would feel better, yet never really happy. I would be a functioning member of society for a few years, then I would be off on medical leave because of my depression.

It wasn’t until I realized that an important component of my life was being overlooked in all the “help” I was getting, that I finally found the key to living purposefully.

I was searching for something to make me happy, I was interested in psychics, because I wanted to know my future. I wanted to know if my life would get better.

This led me to start studying metaphysics, especially the law of attraction, and teaching myself how to read tarot cards. I learned to meditate and practice mindfulness. I realized that it was okay to spend time by myself looking inward.

I went on to study tarot and oracle card reading. I continued meditating, and for the most part, I was feeling better. Still not happy, and not necessarily over my depression, but it was a start.

I discovered Denise Linn and her Soul Coaching® training. I jumped at the opportunity to go to California and get certified, in this and Past Life Regression. The time I spent with so many like minded people helped me to realize that I wasn’t alone in my beliefs.

It took a while, but I learned to look at life from the soul’s perspective — the big picture. I realized that having suffered through depression for so long, was what I was here to learn.

My purpose in this lifetime is to help others with depression and anxiety, those dissatisfied with their lives, to learn to connect to their divine inner guidance. For only when you are living on purpose, will you find true happiness.



  • Soul Coaching® Practitioner

  • Chakra Wisdom Master Card Reader

  • Certified Angel Tarot Reader

  • Archangel Life Coach

  • Infinite Possibilities Trainer

  • Past Life Regression



  • Creating Courses

  • Tarot & Oracle Card Readings

  • Numerology

  • Meditation

  • Journaling

  • Reading Empowering Books

  • Taking Courses

  • Kickboxing

  • Spending time with my dog

  • Walking in nature

The missing component in my treatment was my spirituality. No one worked on making sure that I was aligned with my soul.
— Shelley Kitching
Journaling daily with the cards

Journaling daily with the cards

It is only when you learn to live from your soul, that you will discover true happiness and live a life with purpose.
— Shelley Kitching