Soul’s Direction: Living Life On Purpose


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 Do You Love Your Life?


Do you have a nagging feeling there has to be more to life than what you are living?

Are there times when you shake your head wondering why you are alive? If the life you are living is all that there is?

Does it feel as if you are reacting to your circumstances and have no control over your life?

If so, you are in the right place!

I have felt all of these things and more.


Shelley Kitching, the woman behind Soul’s Direction

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I have felt broken and believed that I could never be fixed; my life would always suck, and I would never find happiness.
— Shelley Kitching, Soul's Direction

At Soul’s Direction, we believe that no one is broken.

When you feel lost, alone, frustrated, or wonder why you are alive, you are not broken or unfixable. You are simply off your path.

When you feel like you are broken, and can never be fixed, I believe you aren’t broken. You are simply off your path, not living the life you came to live. This feeling of being lost or defeated is your soul’s way of helping you. It wants you to pay attention to your life, and realize you aren’t doing what you truly desire. It wants you to begin to take action, to return to that path you chose, before you arrived on the planet.
— Shelley Kitching, Soul's Direction

When you arrive on earth, your soul has a plan. It knows what you came to learn. It knows that path you were meant to take. But you have lost your connection to your soul. You are not living intuitively.

Instead, you are looking outside yourself, searching for answers. Listening to what others believe is best for you. But they don’t know your purpose! They can’t direct you.

Photo by  Ashley Batz  on  Unsplash

Photo by Ashley Batz on Unsplash

The answers are within you!

At Soul’s Direction, we empower you to access your own inner guidance. We help you connect to your soul, your guides, your intuition, your angels. You have an entire spirit council at your disposal. You simply need to ask them for guidance, and learn how to hear their answers.


How do you want to connect with your Soul?